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Commitment to our Clients

State Road Occupational Medical Facility offers affordable pre-employment screenings, annual employee physicals, DOT exams, substance abuse screenings, and other occupational helthcare needs for local and national companies.

State Road Occupational Medical Facility works with our clients to ensure that the highest quality of occupational healthcare is provided.

Much of what State Road Occupational Medical can provide is at a fraction of the cost compared to other occupational facilities, as well as, the option for SROMF to review job descriptions and consult on possible best services for screening / testing needs within our scope of practice. Our clients can always rely on one-on-one attention to their questions and concerns.

Effective immediately, we are no longer able to provide after-hours testing services at ACMC, read the entire update here:


  • Substance Abuse Screenings

  • Audiology 

  • Physicals

  • Physical (Customized)

  • Work Permit Physicals

  • ODOT (CDL) Physicals

  • Bus Driver Physicals (T-8 Physicals)

  • Vision Testing - Snellen/Color/Jaeger

  • Pulmonary Function Test/Spiro

  • Urinalysis: Screening for diseases such as diabetes, infections, and kidney dysfunction

  • Blood Titers: Measles/Mumps/Rubella/Chicken Pox/HepB

  • TB Skin Tests: 1 & 2 Step (CXR follow up if needed)

  • Comprehensive laboratory blood testing  - including Lead/Zinc and Heavy Metals Testing

  • Point of Care Blood Testing: CMP, Lipids, & A1c (Immediate results)

  • ECG/EKG: 12 Lead EKG with interpretation and read

  • Cardiac Treadmill Stress Tests (Scheduled through third party tester)

  • Vaccines: Quadrivalent flu vaccine & Tdap  & Hep B vaccine 

  • Oral Fluid Testing for Marijuana

Updated February 23, 2024

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