• Extensive blood work  available at a fraction of the cost compared to hospitals


  • Urinalysis: Screening for diseases such as diabetes, infections, and kidney dysfunction


  • Blood Titers: Measles/Mumps/Rubella/Chicken Pox/HepB


  • TB Skin Tests: 1 & 2 Step (CXR follow up if needed)


  • Comprehensive laboratory blood testing as compared to hospital systems


  • Point of Care Blood Testing: CMP, Lipids, & A1c (Immediate results)


  • ECG/EKG: 12 Lead EKG with interpretation and read


  • Cardiac Treadmill Stress Tests (Scheduled through third party tester)


  • Vaccines: Quadrivalent flu vaccine & Tdap  & Hep B vaccine 

  • COVID-19 Testing


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